About Us

MACPRO is the Environment, IT,  Industrial Design and Social Sciences Project Olympiad, is a groundbreaking science fair open to high school students. MACPRO is organized by Gulistan Educational Institutions with a mission to establish university preparatory schools focusing on math, science, engineering, and computer technologies in an effort to provide a world-class education to public. MACPRO is the largest and only science fair Olympiad in Kosova, focusing on Environment, IT, Industrial Design and Social Sciences. Gulistan Educational Institutions organizes this event with the support of Mehmet Akif Colleges.

The organization focused on two categories: Primary schools and high schools.
The MACPRO organization aims to provide positive contribution to the involvers. The aims of the organization are enlisted below within this framework:

The Aims of MACPRO

General Aims

To introduce the domain of Industry Product Design to the world

Aims for Secondary Schools

To teach students how to think, how to design and how to be sensible towards the changing environment conditions.

Aims for High School Students

To teach students the sense of awareness, and to introduce them some basic values about the concept of design.

Aims for Universities

To find students who are talented in designing new products and to do this through a prestigious organization that is known worldwide to carry out an institutional promotion through this way